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Death Valley Adventures

DV Hiking Reports

This page contains over 200 hiking reports for Death Valley National Park. The reports are organized by mountain range for the most part. The first section contains reports from Panamint City, Tucki Mountain, and the Panamint Mountains. The second section contains reports from the Cottonwood Mountains, Last Change Range, Saline Range, and Darwin Plateau. The third section contains reports from the Grapevine Mountains, Quail Mountains, and Owlshead Mountains. The fourth and final section contains reports from the Funeral Mountains, Black Mountains, Sand Dunes systems, and other places within the Death Valley region. These reports were generally written shortly after a day hike or backpacking trip was completed. The reports have an overview discussion of each hike and then showcase much of the scenery found along the way through pictures and captions. They are best viewed on a computer screen, as they may not format properly or be easy to read on tablets and phones. Some reports are part of a short series done together and that is why you may see a (part _ of _) written next to the location. Keep in mind that some of these reports might not always show the best current route and exact scenery the way it looks during your hike, as things can change over the course of time. Before making use of the reports, please make sure you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions.

Death Valley Hiking Reports

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