Wind Caves & Owlshead Slot Report Published

Over the weekend, I had a chance to wrap up my newest report from the Owlshead Mountains.  This new report covers the two major canyons between Quartz Canyon and Sand Canyon.  It was a great loop hike that I did on my first solo hike in the park in the last two years.  This Fall, I hope to get back and finally do my Wingate Wash hike in the Owlsheads.  I hope you enjoy the report on Wind Caves Canyon and Owlshead Slot Canyon, which is currently report #147 on the site.

Moonlight Bridge Report Published

I had a little bit of extra time and so I was able to finish up and post my trip report for Moonlight Bridge.  Moonlight Bridge is currently report #113.  There is currently a lot of buzz in the park about this recent discovery by a fellow hiker.

Foundry Canyon Report Published

I have finished up and published my report on Lower Foundry Canyon.  It is currently listed as report #184.  With the exception of Slab Canyon (which I’m still figuring out what to do with), this wraps up all the reports from our February 2013 trip.  The next report that I am beginning work on is Moonlight Bridge.  I hope to have that out shortly.  Until then, enjoy Lower Foundry Canyon, which has excellent slot narrows.

Rockfall Canyon Report Published

Today I have finally posted my report on Rockfall Canyon.  Rockfall Canyon is the major canyon between Echo Canyon and Slit Canyon in the Funeral Mountains.  The report features 120 photographs and extensive details on our 1st documented ascent of this beautiful canyon.  Rockfall Canyon is currently listed as report #133.

Upcoming Trip Reports Coming Soon

Upon the conclusion of part 2 of our Death Valley 2013 trip, we spent some time recovering by relaxing on the beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica.  Now that we have returned home, in the coming weeks we will be posting some brand new trip reports from both our Feb 2013 and Apr 2013 trips.  There are still a few holdover reports from the Feb trip and there are 3 new reports coming from the Apr trip.  These reports will be coming out slowly, so be patient.  We want to do the best job possible with them since our hiking in Death Valley is finished for 2013.  But a new report will be released every week or two.  Here is what is coming up:

  • Death Valley’s Natural Bridges (new special feature report with info on all 8 major natural bridges)
  • Rockfall Canyon (Echo/Slit)
  • Lower Foundry Canyon
  • Dry Bone MSC
  • new Owlsheads loop hike (two canyons likely to be named Wind Caves Canyon and Owlshead Slot Canyon)
  • Moonlight Bridge
Steve and Stefan in Santa Monica after the April DV trip
Steve and Stefan in Santa Monica after the April DV trip

Day 14– Moonlight Bridge

For my final Death Valley hike of 2013, I decided to try to hike to Moonlight Bridge. My trip seemed to be perfectly timed, as Kauri (a well known Death Valley hiker) only discovered the bridge last week. Had she discovered it next week instead, I would have had to wait nearly a year to (hopefully) see it in person. It is quite difficult to find as there are a maze of side canyons, junctions, and ridges everywhere in the vicinity. I’m not going to say anymore about it until I put together my trip report later and ask Kauri what kind of information I can include.

Pretty scenery in Moonlight Bridge Canyon
Pretty scenery in Moonlight Bridge Canyon
At Moonlight Bridge, Death Valley's 8th major natural bridge
At Moonlight Bridge, Death Valley’s 8th major natural bridge