Ilulissat Icefjord (Greenland) new report released

Today I finally finished up the last remaining report from my July 2018 trip to Greenland (link below). Sorry it took so long but just didn’t have the time. The last Greenland report covers the stunning Ilulissat Icefjord which has some of the largest icebergs in the Northern Hemisphere. After taking a 2-year break from visiting the Arctic, I’m hoping to be able to visit Baffin Island (Arctic Canada) in the summer of 2020 or perhaps 2021 to see Mount Thor and Mount Asgard. Below you can see one of the photos from the report that I took of a massive iceberg.  The report can be found on the Introduction Page under the Europe and Greenland section (report #14).  Or you can click on the link below.

Ilulissat Icefjord (Greenland) new report

Darwin Falls new DV hiking report released

Our previous report on Darwin Falls was badly outdated and in need of updating.  Thus, we did a family hike out to Darwin Falls in March of 2019 and have created a new report from scratch documenting our most recent visit.  The new report turned out really well and hopefully future visitors to this area will find it beneficial.  The new Darwin Falls report is currently listed as report #98 on the Main Page and you can also click below to view it.

Darwin Falls new DV report

Upper Scotty’s Canyon new DV hiking report released

Our newest Death Valley hiking report features a full exploration of Upper Scotty’s Canyon.  It was an extremely challenging but incredible journey featuring great canyon scenery, wildlife sightings, and the lush greenery of Timpapah Spring.  This report marks the first time that the upper portion of Scotty’s Canyon has ever been documented by way of a hiking report and photographs.  We hope you enjoy the report and remember to please stay safely out of this area.  To view the new report, check out report #146 on the Main Page or click on the link below.

Upper Scotty’s Canyon new DV report

We found lots of coyote gourds while exploring the canyon

Upper Scotty’s Canyon hiking video

Today I am releasing a short 11-minute video that goes along with my upcoming Upper Scotty’s Canyon hiking report.  The video showcases the route in a slightly different way than a regular hiking report with photographs, so I am sure you will enjoy it.  I don’t film these all the time because they just take up too much time during a hike and really slow down our group.  One word of caution: I do not recommend anyone to follow in our footsteps and do this hike.  Two of the three in our group suffered injuries during the hike because the terrain was so challenging, especially while bypassing the 3 major dry falls.

Head BM new DV hiking report released

Today I am releasing a brand new Death Valley hiking report for Head BM. This is a hiking loop that I created which visits two scenic canyons and the second highest named summit of the Quail Mountains. (The Quail Mountains were added to Death Valley NP on March 12, 2019.) Along with the abundant natural beauty, we also found aircraft and Dart parts, a tarantula, and two wild burros.  To view the new report, visit the link below or check out report #176 on the site’s Main Page.

Head BM new DV report