DVNHA Newsletter January 2014

Today I received my copy of the January 2014 DVNHA E-Newsletter.  One of the articles in the new newsletter is entitled “Natural Bridge Discovery” and shares a brief paragraph about my new co-discovery of Sunlight Bridge along with one of my photos of Sunlight Bridge.  It was certainly nice of the DVNHA to include the discovery of this major natural bridge within their newsletter.  It should definitely reach tens of thousands of people and help promote hiking and searching for new discoveries within the park.  Just to clarify things, though, there were a couple of factual inaccuracies within the short article.  For one thing, I was improperly credited as the person who discovered and named Moonlight Bridge.  That information is not correct.  My friend and fellow Death Valley explorer Kauri Jacob was the person who discovered and named Moonlight Bridge all by herself.  Also, she co-discovered Sunlight Bridge along with me.  I wanted to clear that up as Kauri works really hard on her hiking and exploring of the park and then shares what she finds for the benefit of hikers everywhere.  She recently spent an entire two weeks in the park exploring undocumented areas and reporting on them.  You can read all of her reports at the link located here.