Sunlight Bridge Report Released

Today, Kauri and I both released our trip reports documenting our discovery of Sunlight Bridge.  I also updated my Natural Bridges Page to include Sunlight Bridge officially as natural bridge #14 in Death Valley.  My trip report on Sunlight Bridge includes a detailed introduction discussing the discovery of the bridge, lots of photos of the bridge, photos of the main canyon, and a few photos of the Sunlight Slots, which are tight side slots off of the main canyon.  I hope to cover the Sunlight Slots in more detail on an upcoming trip.  Sunlight Bridge Canyon is currently trip report #120 on the main page of the site.  Click here to read the new report.

On another note, I am currently preparing my hikes for my next trip to Death Valley, which will take place at the end of February.  I will not be releasing my planned hikes in advance of the trip this time, but I will likely be posting live updates from the park during the trip.  Before that happens, though, I will be traveling to Kauai, Hawaii in order to attempt a hike of the Kalalau Trail.  Whether or not I will have a successful hike there will depend on the weather during my visit and also the current degree of exposure along the trail.  Hopefully, I will be able to complete the entire 23 mile hike and write up a report upon returning home.  I will next check in a few weeks from now from Kauai.