Days 5 & 6– Sidewinder Canyon

As part of my natural bridges research, one of the most time consuming aspects of this trip was spending parts of two days in Sidewinder Canyon. After fully exploring the area (for my 4th time), I came away with the conclusion that there are 3 larger natural bridges and 1 smaller natural bridge. My next task was to get great photography of the 3 larger bridges and then spend time trying to figure out (1) if each of these 3 bridges should be listed separately as a major natural bridge on my database, or (2) if all 3 should be combined on my database under the heading of Sidewinder Bridges. The smaller natural bridge is clearly a minor natural bridge and will not qualify for the database. The total amount of natural bridges will either read 12 or 14 total major natural bridges depending on what is decided. I’m not interested in inflating the numbers, but I am most interested in accuracy. Here is a brief look at each 3.

Sidewinder Slot #1 Bridge:

This natural bridge is a true canyon span connecting both walls together. However, the bridge is very high off the ground and can only be seen from one side, and not even from underneath due to the chaos of the canyon walls. It is unlikely that a hiker would be interested in hiking to this location just to see a small glimpse of this bridge.


Sidewinder Slot #2 Bridge:

This is probably the most scenic of the three and certainly is immense in size. It makes for great photos.


Sidewinder Slot #3 Bridge:

This bridge bears a striking similarity to the previous one, with an abandoned water channel circling around it. It has a door-like opening to walk through.


Minor natural bridge in Slot #3: