Middle Slab Canyon Report Published

After considerable time spent putting it together, I am now releasing my report on Middle Slab Canyon.  Slab Canyon is quite a special place for me personally, so I’m glad that I can share some photographs of it with you. This is an advanced canyon.  There are sections that should only be done by canyoneers.  But I tried to showcase the parts of the canyon that an advanced hiker could see if using the correct bypass routes.  Someday I hope to get back to see the upper canyon. It would be a very difficult endeavor.  Middle Slab Canyon is currently listed as report #90 on the main page.

In addition, it turns out that my special feature page on the major natural bridges of Death Valley is already outdated.  A 9th major natural bridge has been identified somewhere in the park.  But I probably won’t be able to hike out to it until the Fall.  Possibly sooner, but it depends on the heat.