DV 2013 Trip to Resume Shortly

Plans are in the works for my Death Valley 2013 trip to be resumed shortly.  I had not actually intended to return to the park until 2014, but a break in my schedule and a break in the hot April weather will allow me to hopefully complete a few of the hikes that I did not get to back in February.  I also hope to visit one very important newly discovered and just announced location named Moonlight Bridge, which was found by well known Death Valley hiker Kauri.  If I can make it out to Kauri’s new bridge, then I would actually become the only person in park history to see all 8 of the major natural bridges in the park.  I was thinking about when I return home to possibly create a new exclusive page that chronicles all 8 of the major natural bridges in the park in one place.  Other destinations I hope to get to include Dry Bone MSC, a loop of the Owlsheads canyons between Quartz & Sand, and the Buckwheat Sand Dunes.  Watch this space for live updates from Death Valley National Park starting in the next few days.  (As a side note, my unfinished trip reports from our February 2013 trip including Rockfall Canyon and Lower Foundry Canyon will be delayed until the conclusion of this follow-up trip.)