Update on “Last Chance Solo: A Death Valley Adventure”

A short update on my upcoming self-documentary film “Last Chance Solo: A Death Valley Adventure”. The initial cut of the film (shot in 4K) has been completed and it is 1 hour 35 minutes in length. It features some original music by my brother Lowell Hall. I currently plan to release it all at once as a complete film (rather than splitting it up into episodes as I had been considering). I just wanted to do something a little different other than my standard written hiking reports. The film documents me backpacking all alone through the seldom-visited area of the Last Chance Range located in between Corridor Canyon and Dry Mountain. I spent 6 days exploring the area and covered 67 miles in total (40.7 backpacking miles and 26.3 day hike/side trip miles). The release date is TBA but will hopefully be in early 2021.