DV Oct 2019 Day 3: Head BM

For our final hike, we headed into the Quail Mountains to hike to the summit of Head BM.  This was my second time hiking in the new portion of Death Valley National Park added earlier this year.  I created a loop of two canyons which would include a visit to the summit.  The loop turned out really well.  The two canyons were very colorful, had lots of formations, and had areas of narrows.  Here are a few teaser images in advance of the report on this area.

Lowell heading up the narrow and colorful first canyon.
Steve and Lowell on the summit of Head BM with Owl Lake in the background.
A great view from the summit of Head BM showing Sugarloaf Peak (left middle), Porter Peak (left upper), Sentinel Peak (to the right of Porter), Telescope Peak, and Bennett Peak (right upper).
Dropping into the colorful canyon we would use to loop back.
The rock layers and formations were fantastic in both canyons.