DV Oct 2019 Day 2: Spring BM to Mill BM

For our second hike, we drove out to the Owlshead Mountains to visit two major summits.  We drove as close as we could to the Black Magic Mine, parked, and began hiking toward Spring BM.  From that summit, we traversed across the top of the range all the way to Mill BM.  Along the way, we had incredible views of Owl Lake, Owlhead BM,Con BM, and the backside crossover between Through Canyon and Granite Canyon.  It was an incredible enjoyable hike.

Standing on Spring BM and looking toward our goal of Mill BM far away.
Lowell posing by a crashed dart we found.
Getting my picture with Owl Lake in the background.
Incredible view of the northern tip of Owl Lake with Owlhead BM in the background.
We called the minor summit bump 921T seen here “The Castle”.