DV Oct 2019 Day 1: Upper Scotty’s Canyon

My brother Lowell and I recently returned from doing 3 days of hiking in Death Valley from Oct 18-21.  Our first hike was into Upper Scotty’s Canyon.  We started the day by renting a Jeep and driving up into Gold Valley for the first time ever.  Then, we climbed up to the saddle above Upper Scotty’s Canyon and went down the other side.  This hike was quite challenging with 3 major bypasses and is not recommended for the general public.  2 of the 3 people who did this hike sustained injuries during the hike.  But we made it to Timpapah Spring.  We also spotted 3 Bighorn sheep and pictures of those will be added to our Wildlife Page later.  Here are a few teaser images in advance of the hiking report to be released later.

Looking into Upper Scotty’s from the saddle (or canyon head).
Posing by a coyote gourd (or melon). We found lots of these in the canyon.
Lowell standing above the very challenging 3rd major bypass.
Arriving at Timpapah Spring, a place seen by very few people.
We saw 3 Bighorn sheep on the hike (a ram, an ewe, and a lamb).