Huahine (French Polynesia) hiking report released

It’s been a long time coming (about 8 months), but I finally was able to finish up and publish my hiking and snorkeling report for Huahine, French Polynesia.  Most of the report documents a hike to the summit of Mount Pohue Rahi, which was an outstanding hike with beautiful wildflowers, a pine forest, and outstanding views all around Huahine.  As part of the bonus pictures, you will find the best pictures from four days of snorkeling on Huahine.  Huahine truly was a wonderful South Pacific island to visit.  You can find the link to the new report under the South Pacific section on the Introduction Page.  It is hiking report #11 currently.  Also, you can click on the link below to read the new report.

Mount Pohue Rahi (Huahine, French Polynesia) new hiking report

We visited Huahine for our 10-year anniversary