Telephone Canyon & Jalopy Canyon new DV report released

Today we have released a brand new report on Telephone Canyon located within the Tucki Mountain area.  This new report replaces the old report (which was badly in need of an update) and contains many brand new pictures.  In addition, a bonus part of the Telephone Canyon report features another hike that starts at the same parking area and goes to a place that we are calling Jalopy Canyon.  If you follow this Blog, you may recall the post during my March DV trip where I thought I had found a previously unknown Model T while on this hike.  However, I have now learned that the abandoned car was not a Model T, but it was actually a 1918 Briscoe Touring Car Model B424.  Be sure to check out all the pictures of the newly found Briscoe in the report.  To see the new report for Telephone Canyon and Jalopy Canyon, click on report #8 on the site’s Main Page or you can use the link below.

Telephone Canyon and Jalopy Canyon new DV report