DV March 2018 Day 4 – Tucki area hiking and Devil’s Golf Course

For my fourth and final day of hiking in DV, I did several smaller hikes.  First, I hiked up an obscure Tucki Mountain canyon located west of the summit.  On the hike, I found a surprising old car in the wash (perhaps a Model T?) and also came face-to-face with a Kit Fox that I surprised underneath a dry fall.  Second, I visited Telephone Canyon for the first time in 9 years in order to get some updated photos.  Third, I spent a couple of hours at Devil’s Golf Course to check on the current condition of Salt Pools.  I ended up finding 5 Salt Pools, 3 of which were mostly closed up and 2 of which were fully closed up and covered by salt.  I will update my Devil’s Golf Course report in the near future with new information and photos from this hike.  I was also reminded of how painful it is to try to walk through this particular area.

Finding an unexpected old car in the wash of a Tucki Mountain canyon
The Telephone Arch is a special natural feature found in the Tucki Mountain area
Finding a fully closed-up Salt Pool in the Devil’s Golf Course area
However, some of the Salt Pools still had openings with water visible