DV March 2018 Day 3 – Ubehebe Colors Loop

For the third day of hiking, I was privileged to be joined by Mike Reynolds for a loop of the two (or four if you count each direction from the saddles) major canyons located 3-4 miles south of Ubehebe Crater.  There is a lot to see in this area, but we did our best to cover what looked to be the most interesting areas.  One important note, which will also be made clear in the upcoming report — this is not an area that I am recommending hikers to go to.  There were a lot of challenging dry falls we had to climb and complex bypasses that we had to carry out in order to complete our loop and make it out of the area.  I had nicknamed this area the Ubehebe Colors Loop in trip planning simply because there appeared to be a lot of colorful terrain to see and experience.  And that’s exactly what we found there.  A truly outstanding adventure hike.  I had a hard time choosing 4 teaser photos, so this time I’m sharing 6.  More to come later in the full report.

This was the red-colored entry canyon that we used to begin our hike
We found ourselves immersed in a world of incredible formations
Mike near a huge mud natural bridge that we could stand up and walk through
Notice the distinct opening on the opposite side of the large mud natural bridge
A view of Grapevine Peak as seen from the ridgeline leading to Peak 4120T
This was the neat exit canyon that we used to complete our long and hard loop hike