DV March 2018 Day 2 – Lee Wash Main Side Canyon

My second day of hiking was a solo hike to see all of Lee Wash Main Side Canyon.  Having hiked Lee Wash about 1 1/2 years earlier, we did not have enough time to explore the main side canyon at that time.  Besides, some of the best scenery can be seen from above.  To reach Lee Wash MSC, I parked at the northernmost bend on Hwy 190 in between Father Crowley Point and the Saline Valley Road turn-off.  I then hiked across the Darwin Plateau for 4 miles to the head of Lee Wash MSC.  It was an incredible experience to walk up to the edge of the first major dry fall with thousand-foot cliffs all around. I then hiked along the entire length of the top of the canyon (on the east side).  Next, I scrambled down an extremely challenging gully and used multiple bypasses in order to reach the canyon floor.  From there, I hiked through the entire length of the passable canyon.  It was a truly great adventure hike.  A new report on Lee Wash MSC will be coming soon.  After the hike, I stopped by U2’s Fallen Joshua Tree so that I can provide an updated report on that as well.

View looking down the length of Lee Wash MSC (Main Side Canyon)
Looking back at the first major dry fall (red arrow) of Lee Wash MSC
There are some beautiful canyon narrows in the mid-canyon
The color bands on the walls are even more impressive when walking through the canyon