DV March 2018 Day 1 – Keane Wonder Mine

I started off my March 2018 trip to Death Valley with a full hike of the Keane Wonder Mine area.  I did a clockwise loop hike (what I call the “master loop”) which included visits to Keane Wonder Springs, Keane Wonder Bridge, Cyty’s Mill, Big Bell Extension Mine, Big Bell Mine, and Keane Wonder Mine.  As several site readers have already written in and requested info about the Keane area, I will be happy to share with you my report in the near future.  I’m estimating that this was my seventh time hiking in this area.  Joining me for the hike was NPS staff member Matt.  Here are a few teaser images.

There are some pretty waterfalls and cascades in the Keane Wonder Springs area
Keane Wonder Bridge is one of the highlights of the hike (if you can find it)
The route from Cyty’s Mill to Big Bell Extension Mine includes this cliffs trail
Standing at Big Bell Mine with extensive leftover mining remnants