Four New Hikes on Easter Island

As noted in the previous post, we also traveled to Easter Island and spent one week there from December 26, 2017 to January 2, 2018.  Here are a few brief details and a 3 teaser images for each of the 4 hikes we did on Easter Island

EASTER ISLAND hikes Dec 2017 and Jan 2018

Rano Kau Trail – Our trip started out with a family hike from Hanga Roa to Orongo, which is 4.6 miles round-trip.  The trail is known as Te Ara O Te Ao, which translates to The Road of Command.  It has been in use for some 150 years now.  The hike climbs the slopes of Rano Kau crater, circles around the crater to the right, and ends at the ancient site of Orongo.

Great views on the way up of Hanga Roa and Maunga Terevaka
Reaching the spectacular rim of Rano Kau crater
Great views of Motu Kao Kao (foreground) along with Motu Iti and Motu Nui (background) from Orongo

Maunga Terevaka – We next hiked to the highest point on Easter Island, which is the summit of Maunga Terevaka (1,677 feet in elevation according to my official National Park map).  There are two trails to the summit, with one starting to the west in Ahu Akivi and one to the south in Vaitea.  We arranged a drop-off so that we could hike both trails as a loop, which proved to be outstanding.  We could see around the entire island from the top.  A great hike.

Wild horses and wild cows could be seen regularly along the trail
Daria and I standing on the summit with the “official” summit sign
View looking to the southwest from the summit toward Rano Kau and Orongo

North Coast – The third hike that we did on Easter Island was the rugged hiking route from Ahu Tepeu to Anakena along the northern coast.  This is one of the most isolated areas on the island, with no roads and just an obscure trail to follow that comes and goes.  The views of the sea cliffs are fantastic and there were scattered spots of archaeological ruins that we enjoyed checking out.  The hike ends at Anakena Beach, which is a great spot to cool off after a long day hiking in the sun.

Chimango Caracara birds of prey can be see throughout the North Coast hike
The heads and remains of fallen moai can be seen along the way
Spectacular views of sea cliffs appear all along the roadless coastal route

Poike – Our final hike on Easter Island brought us to the Poike peninsula.  This is an area that few visitors or hikers venture into, but it has some of the most interesting and unique scenery on the island.  There are several minor peaks to climb as well as one major peak called Puakatiki (1,345 feet in elevation).  Also, we found several interesting historical sites including a fallen moai that was hidden away in a cave we stumbled across.  Finally, the eroded red sea cliffs area to the east was quite amazing.

The Poike hike first passes by the sea cliffs seen in the background
A fallen moai with the summit high point seen in the background
There is extensive eroded red soil along the eastern coastline