Sunlight Canyon & Sunlight Bridge video

Last Sunday, I returned to Sunlight Canyon and Sunlight Bridge for the first time in 4 years in order to once again see the slot narrows and major natural bridge which is located there.  The morning light was amazing, as the walls were absolutely glowing with the bright yellow, orange, and red colors of sunlight.  Seeing how amazing the lighting was, I went ahead and filmed a short video while hiking back down through the canyon.  I was privileged to be joined by Death Valley superintendent Mike Reynolds as well as several Death Valley NPS staff members for this hike.  Afterwards, I enjoyed attending an evening gathering where I got the opportunity to meet and get to know additional park staff.  I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to all of you who joined me for the hike and to those who attended the evening gathering.  I appreciate the hard work all of you do in behalf of Death Valley National Park.  And while many of you felt it was an honor to meet me, I felt it was an honor to meet all of you who do so much to take care of the park we love.  Below, I am sharing my Sunlight Canyon and Sunlight Bridge video.  (Music written and performed by Wagon Band.)