Corkscrew Canyon new Death Valley report

As a continuation of our Borax BM hike, we next dropped into Corkscrew Canyon.  A hike from the ridge all the way down through the entire length of Corkscrew Canyon had never before been documented, so we may well have been the first group of hikers to do it.  There was incredible beauty throughout Corkscrew Canyon and Corkscrew Main Side Canyon.  Long-time visitors to my site will know that I used to have an old report on Corkscrew Canyon, but that has now been completely replaced by this brand new report.  I kept only 2 photographs from the old report and included 96 brand new photos.  Also, the entire introduction is brand new.  I hope you enjoy the report.  The new report for Corkscrew Canyon can be found as report #155 on the Main Page or you can click on the link below.

Corkscrew Canyon new DV report