Returning to the South Pacific

Later this year, we plan to return to the South Pacific to carry out some additional hiking and snorkeling.  After our 2015 trip to the Cook Islands and 2016 trip to French Polynesia, we were very impressed with the scenery found in the beautiful islands located in the South Pacific.  For this upcoming trip, we plan to return to Bora Bora and visit four new islands — Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa, and Easter Island.  I’m most excited about traveling to Easter Island and carrying out some hikes during the one week we will have there.  But the other destinations will be outstanding as well.  I even have an idea for an additional hike on Bora Bora that I missed out on last year.  This trip is still fairly far off, but I thought I would post a note on our upcoming travels which might result in new hiking reports here on the site.

On another note, I’m testing out some minor adjustments to the site.  The adjustments are: (1) switching the maps from Google Earth route maps to topographical maps and (2) switching the GPS coordinates to Decimal degrees.  The reason for switching the maps over to topographical maps is because satellite imagery is always being updated and I need to have the maps be in a format which will be more permanent.  The reason I didn’t do this before was because only recently I obtained software which provides seamless topographical maps when used in conjunction with Google Earth.  The GPS coordinates are being converted to the format that most people use today.  You can check out a test sample of the updates on the Tucki Mountain hiking report (currently listed as #7 on the site’s Main Page).  Please write in and let me know if you have any opinions or suggestions regarding these matters.