DV Feb 2017 Hike 4: Pothole Canyon

We wrapped up our short trip to Death Valley with a late afternoon hike out to upper Pothole Canyon.  We were able to fit this hike in since it begins not far from where the Cottonwood Slot hike begins.  This hike was quite fascinating as it started out on Cottonwood Canyon Road near the well-known giant cave.  We had to attain the eastern ridge above Cottonwood Canyon by gaining a quick 500 feet in elevation and then we headed southeast across a plateau with numerous drainages.  Eventually, we dropped into a wash which flowed into the wash of upper Pothole Canyon.  The narrows in the upper canyon were outstanding all the way to the pour-over into the first pothole.  Sadly, we ran out of daylight before we could circle around the ridge to get some nice views of Pothole Dry Fall.  But we did the best we could and were glad to have seen the beautiful upper narrows.  Here are a few teaser images from the full report which will come later (probably in a couple of months when life slows down just a notch).

A picture of me taken in the early part of the upper narrows
Beautiful canyon narrows with great variety on display
I love the smooth surface of this canyon wall
The canyon walls had great height to them despite this being considered a somewhat minor canyon
View at the end looking over the edge into the lower canyon wash far below