Death Valley updates Sept 2016

Now that we have returned from our wonderful trip to French Polynesia, it’s time to think about the upcoming hiking season in Death Valley.  The month of October is fast approaching.  I generally view the hiking season in Death Valley as running from mid-October to mid-April (for about 6 months).  Of course, that can depend on the weather, as sometimes it doesn’t really cool down enough to begin hiking in the valley until November.  Also, there are usually some cool enough days in the month of May, if you are willing to head to the park on short notice based on the weather forecast.

As of right now, I’m hoping to visit the park during the holidays in late November for 3-4 days of hiking.  But we will see how everything plays out.  I may not make it out until 2017.  As far as repeat hikes, I have been eyeing a return to Albatross Plane Crash Site.  Being that my first hike out there was in 2006, it seems that a 10-year anniversary hike in 2016 would be a good idea.  Doing that hike would also give me the opportunity to write up a much better, newer-format report.  As far as newer hikes, I’m kind of torn between heading out to Saline Valley to wrap up some hikes out there (including the North Fork of Tafoni Canyon, Marble BM, and Middle Grand View Canyon) or going into the Owlsheads to do some hikes (including a repeat hike of Lost Lake, a new hike to Owlhead BM summit, and two other hikes which will remain off-the-record for now).

One final note.  I recently updated my DV Hiking Recommendations Page.  Every month, that is one of our most-viewed pages here on the site.  As for the updates, I removed one day hike and added three new day hikes.  The hike which was removed was Red Amphitheater.  While it is a nice hike, I just didn’t feel that the quality of that hike was in the same league as the others listed.  The three hikes that were added were the Smoke Tree Slots, Room Canyon, and Kaleidoscope Canyon.  I consider all three of those hikes to be must-do hikes, so I thought it was a good idea to add them.  To read the updates, visit that page here on the site (and refresh your browser if needed to make the updates appear).