New Edition of “Hiking Death Valley”

Author Michel Digonnet has released an updated version of his book “Hiking Death Valley”.  For the benefit of my blog readers, I thought I would post a review and share some details about the book with you.  This update is officially being called the Second edition (dated March 2016) because there have been some large-scale changes to the book.  For starters, the front and back images have been changed out.  Instead of a picture of the narrows of Fall Canyon, the updated book now has a picture of the Mesquite Sand Dunes (fortunately without any human footprints).  And the back cover now features a panoramic image of Mount Perry.  Inside the book, I was surprised to personally receive an acknowledgment of thanks for a few suggestions that I had made.  As for the book chapters, this is where the biggest adjustments have been made.  A number of chapters have been removed (as they were shifted over to the book “Hiking Western Death Valley”) and a number of new chapters have been added.  Here are the chapter additions that I have noticed.

  • Grapevine Mountains – added Moonlight Canyon, Wahguyhe Peak, and Thimble Peak.
  • Funeral Mountains – added Funeral Slot Canyon.  Also, a note was posted in the Keane Wonder Mine section that “the area is expected to be reopened in 2016”.
  • Black Mountains – added Mount Perry and Sidewinder Canyon.
  • Cottonwood Mountains – added Leaning Rock, merged Marble Canyon chapters into one, and added Towne Peak.
  • Panamint Mountains – added Butte Valley and Needle Peak.
  • Owlshead Mountains – added entire new section which includes Contact Canyon, Sand Canyon, Manganese Ridge, Lost Lake, Owl Peak, and The Crystal Hills.

I have read over many of the new chapters already and really enjoyed them.  Moonlight Canyon and Wahguyhe Peak were two excellent chapters which really make me want to get back out to that area soon.  My favorite addition, of course, was the new section on the Owlshead Mountains with 6 chapters of hikes there.  Being that I just did the hike to Owl Peak a few months ago, it was interesting to read a chapter about that hike.  In summary, the book has been made better than ever and I really appreciated having all of the updates.  Well done.