Napau Trail (Hawaii Volcanoes NP) report released

Today I have released my final trip report from the Big Island of Hawaii.  This report covers a hike actually done 15 months ago.  The reason for the unusually long delay is that I needed to do extensive research and studying about lava and eruptions.  But being that I just returned from Maui and Molokai, I wanted to make sure to release this report before doing anything else.  Coming up next, I will be releasing my report from last September’s hike in Aspen, Colorado.  Then, I will move on to the five new Death Valley trip reports from this February.  And then, finally, I will release the three new reports from Maui and Molokai.  Writing and releasing all of these reports will take most of the summer (at the very least).  In addition, my trip to French Polynesia is now fast approaching.  For now, enjoy this outstanding hiking report taken from the Big Island.

Napau Trail and Naulu Trail (Hawaii Volcanoes National Park) –