Wildlife & Wildflower and Owlshead Mtns Updates

This is just a brief post to let you know that I have recently published a couple of updates.  The first update was made to our DV Wildlife and Wildflowers page.  The new additions include 5 photographs of the desert tortoise that I found in the Owlshead Mountains on my recent trip, one photograph of six Cinnamon Teals found at Saratoga Spring, and one photograph of a Costa’s hummingbird which was found in a Funeral Mountains canyon.  Four new Superbloom wildflowers photos were also added to the end of the page.  The second update was made to our Owlshead Mountains overview page (which is also linked to in the top left box on the main page).  This update included two Superbloom wildflowers photos showing views of the Owlshead Mountains.  Also, a 15th Owlshead highlight was added, which was a hike to the summit of Owl BM.  More updates will be coming along in a couple of weeks, including the five brand new trip reports.