Site Updates

This is just a brief post to let everyone know that all of the newer format Death Valley reports (the ones with the green circular graphic next to them) have been converted over to the lighter color theme.  Readability and the overall look of the reports has been vastly improved.  This includes all newer format Non-DV hiking reports as well.  In addition, all of the reports in the top left box on the main page (Introduction, DV Hiking Recommendations, Star Wars in Death Valley, etc.) have also been converted.  As part of this, the DV Wildlife and Wildflowers Page has been completely redone from scratch.  Be sure and check out that updated page, which contains wildlife and wildflower photographs from the park taken entirely on our trips.  This evening, I also posted a brief Tree Searching update to my Hyperion Redwood page.  In a couple of weeks, we will return with another brand new report covering the area we call Nemo Slot in the Panamint Mountains.  Then, we will follow that up later with reports on Chalk Canyon and Tafoni Canyon.  (Note: If any of the reports are still showing the old darker color theme still, simply hit the refresh button on your browser.)