Smoke Tree Slots (part 2 of 2) now released

The second part of the report covering our hike through the Smoke Tree Slots in the Owlshead Mountains has been released.  This chronicles the second half of our journey and includes 112 photographs of Smoke Tree Slots #2 and 3.  The new report can be found as report #145 on the main page or you can click on the link below.  In addition, I have updated the Owlshead Mountains Special Report (located in the upper left box on the main page) to include the Smoke Tree Slots as 1 of the 14 highlights of the Owlshead Mountains.  You will probably notice, too, that the site is being fully converted over to the newer eggshell white color scheme which I have been testing out lately.  I have received some positive feedback and, for the most part, visitors to the site have found the readability to be improved.  So, all newer reports will be converted over to this color scheme.  (To see the new scheme, you may need to click the refresh button in your browser if you have previously loaded the old version.  You can test this out on all of the reports located in the upper left box on the main page.)  There are still three brand new reports which will be released in the coming weeks, including Chalk Canyon, Tafoni Canyon, and Nemo Slot.

Smoke Tree Slots #2 and 3