DV Natural Bridges Database Updates

Just a brief post to let everyone know that a few adjustments were made to the Death Valley Natural Bridges database page, a link to which can be found in the top left box on the site’s main page.  First, Corkscrew Bridge has been disqualified as a natural bridge and thus was removed from the database.  Further study by myself and NPS staff members determined that Corkscrew Bridge was not a genuine natural bridge at all, but rather a section of canyon wall which collapsed and fell across to the other side, thus forming a sort of bridge to walk under.  The formation previously known as Corkscrew Bridge is still being displayed on the page, however it is now being used as an example of a false natural bridge.  Second, the new discovery made by myself and Tobin of Double Bridge on January 1, 2016 has been added to the database.  So there are still 14 major natural bridges currently recognized within Death Valley National Park.  Third, Kauri discovered several potential natural bridges in the years 2014 and 2015 including Turret Bridge and Crown Bridge.  However, I have not had the time to hike out to these bridges to check them out and help figure out how they potentially fit into the database.  While the database is a personal project of mine, it also receives important input from NPS staff members in Death Valley, so it is the closest thing that the park has to an official database.  It will continue to be updated and maintained over the years to come.