DV report updates in progress

Being that our Death Valley hiking will not resume until January (which might be a good thing in view of the recent flash flooding and widespread road damage in the park), I am working to try to get more of the trip reports converted over to the newer updated format.  Visitors to the site really like the newer format reports because all of the pictures do not load at once, the grey paragraph color is easier to read on the dark background than the previous white, and there is much more helpful information contained within the reports.  Currently, 97 of 189 DV hiking reports use the updated format.  And 23 of 44 non-DV hiking reports use the updated format.  Check the list below to see what reports have been recently updated and which ones are coming next.

Recently updated reports — Titus Canyon (updated 10/30), Willow Creek Canyon, Sidewinder Canyon (introduction only), and Mormon Point Canyon (10/31), Corridor Canyon (11/2), Lower Corridor Canyon (11/5), Upper Corridor Canyon and Wind Caves Canyon (11/7), Lower Bighorn Gorge and Upper Bighorn Gorge (11/8), Contact Canyon (11/9), Star Wars in Death Valley (11/12), Cottonwood Canyon (11/15), Dead Horse Canyon (11/17), Upper Marble Canyon (11/18), Lower Marble Canyon (11/19), Cottonball Marsh (11/20), Death Valley’s Natural Bridges special report (11/21), Mount Perry (11/27), Actual Lowest Point (11/28), Lower Slab Canyon + map (11/29 report #72), Middle Slab Canyon + map and new photos of Mesquite Flat Niter Beds (12/1), Death Valley Buttes +17 additional photos added (12/8), Grey Wall Canyon +17 additional photos added (12/16), and Titanothere Canyon +13 additional photos added (12/19).