Maunga Pu, Aitutaki (Cook Islands) report released

Tonight I am releasing my second and final hiking report from the Cook Islands.  I did do two additional major hikes, however both turned out badly due to trail and weather issues.  Thus, I will hold those back at this time.  This second report is from the island of Aitutaki and features some incredibly beautiful scenery.  I hope you get a chance to check it out and enjoy the report.  The report can be accessed on the Introduction Page under the South Pacific section.  Look for the report on Maunga Pu or simply click here to view it.

For those of you curious about my upcoming Death Valley plans, I have some excellent hikes in the planning stages for January.  All of the hikes which I will be carrying out have no previous reports posted anywhere online.  However, I will not be revealing the destinations until after I carry out the hikes due to problems in the past with people taking my ideas and claiming them as their own.  I’m really looking forward to hiking in Death Valley again being that I haven’t been there since this past May.