Room Cyn & Kaleidoscope Cyn report updates

You might be interested in hearing about some recent updates to our Room Canyon and Kaleidoscope Canyon trip reports.  Just recently, NPS staff members have approved the release of hiking maps for both Room Canyon and Kaleidoscope Canyon.  So I went ahead and added those to my reports.  The reason for this change is that NPS staff members have approved these two canyons for inclusion in an upcoming guidebook release, so they feel no further need to withhold location maps.  Both of these canyons have become unofficial favorites of park visitors, with a consistent flow of people stopping by the FCVC to inquire about directions during the past couple of years.  Thank you to all of those who respected the wishes of NPS staff members and did not leak maps of these places publicly or post any photos on Google Earth showing the locations up until now.  Those who honored the requests of NPS staff members in this regard are to be commended for doing the right thing in helping to protect the park and showing respect for Death Valley’s hidden treasures.  You showed that you truly cared and did not try to pridefully place yourself in a position above those who have the job to make the decisions in behalf of the park’s best interests.  It was refreshing to see that so many hikers out there did not try to carry out their own agenda or attempt to seek personal glory by being the person who “leaked” the locations.  Now that NPS staff members have made this adjustment, everyone is now free to share maps and information about these locations.