Cook Islands (Summer 2015 trip coming)

Just wanted to post a brief update and let you know that the Sugarloaf Peak (Death Valley) hiking report is still not finished up.  But I hope to have it soon.  I’ve been extremely busy with work and it’s taken up all my time these past few weeks.  The report will be coming along just as soon as I have a few hours of free time.

In the meantime, we made a decision on our summer 2015 trip and it will be the Cook Islands.  We really wanted to go to the South Pacific this summer and we chose the Cook Islands over French Polynesia for several reasons.  Some of the factors were that the expense is a lot less than traveling to Tahiti and French Polynesia, English is the main language, Rarotonga seems a lot more quaint than Tahiti, the hiking looks better on Rarotonga, and beautiful Aitutaki is only a 45 minute flight away.  As usual, I’m hoping to create some new hiking reports from this summer trip (and perhaps even be able to provide the ultimate online guide for hiking in the Cook Islands).