More Site Updates Underway

Now that I have finally caught up on posting all of the new trip reports for both Death Valley and other places (which won’t last long because more trips are on the schedule), I am turning my attention to a few long-overdue site updates. The first update to be completed was for the Cottonwood-Marble Loop Backpacking Page.  This page is widely used by the general public in planning their trips to do the route for the first time.  In fact, last year alone, the page had 3,545 visitor views (or about 10 per day) by people who were reading the page.  Additionally, a few park rules and regulations have changed.  Thus, I overhauled that page to provide twice as much beneficial information to help future hikers.  And there will be more updates to come which will be posted about here after.  Also, I changed out the site headers in order to keep the Main Page looking fresh.  The new site headers showcase the Eureka Dunes with two panoramics that I took in 2013 but never released.  In 2015, I plan to travel to the Eureka Dunes for a hike in order to document a brand new long-overdue trip report on the area.  Latest Site Updates include:

  • Cottonwood-Marble Backpacking Loop (updated 1/11/15)
  • Panamint City Backpacking Page (updated 1/13)
  • Introduction Page (updated 1/14)
  • DV Hiking Recommendations Page (udpated 1/15)
  • The Owlshead Mountains Page (updated 1/16)
  • Panamint City (updated 1/21 — representative of all new regular reports)