Fall 2014 Death Valley Trip Reports

Now that we have returned home from another successful trip to Death Valley, we will be writing up and releasing six new trip reports.  The six reports will cover areas that we hiked over the course of five days.  As you may have noticed, the Main Page of the site has been updated with these locations.  The links to these locations will become active once the new reports are published.  As a side note, I have decided to remove all the older reports for the Keane Wonder Mine area.  I did this for several reasons.  First, I needed to create more space on the Main Page to make room for the newer reports.  Second, those reports are all older (some being based on photos from a decade ago) and in need of updating.  Some of the Keane Wonder area reports only had 5-10 photos in total.  I cannot update these reports until the Keane Wonder Mine area reopens (in 1-5 years), thus I am just taking them down until I can do that.  I did leave space for the future Keane Wonder reports, as I intend to hike them in three separate sections — Keane Wonder Mine (and Big Bell Mine), Big Bell Extension Mine (and Cyty’s Mill & Keane Wonder Spring), and Keane Wonder Bridge.  As soon as the park service reopens these areas, I will take a trip out and carry out those hikes to provide new reports on those areas.  In the meantime, enjoy my newer reports for the Grapevines, Funerals, and Owlsheads which will be released soon.  Check the chart below for updates as to when the new reports will be coming out.  I will also be updating my Wildlife Page in the next week or so with some new photos that I took on this trip.  Two of the pictures I will be adding can be seen below.