Fall 2014 DV Trip Planning & Crete Hiking

As we are about to depart for an extended trip to visit some places in Europe and do some hiking in Crete, Greece, I thought I would share some of my Fall 2014 Death Valley Trip Planning.  We have chosen our dates for November and will be returning to the park for one full week of hiking.  As has been the case for our trips over the past couple of years, we will be carrying out four major hikes during this trip to DV.  Our peak hike for this upcoming trip will be Pyramid Peak.  A trip report covering Pyramid Peak is definitely a glaring omission from the site, so it will be nice to finally accomplish that hike.  Another hike which we will carry out will be Red Wall Canyon using the Talus Jack Bypass.  The current Red Wall Canyon report does not show anything above the 1st major dry fall in the canyon, as I did not want to entice regular hikers to climb up the old ropes hanging down the dry fall and get themselves hurt.  If the Talus Jack Bypass works out as planned, I will be able to replace the old Red Wall Canyon report with a brand new one documenting the new route which has been in use for a couple of years now.  In addition, I have two long hikes planned in the Owlsheads for this trip.  One of the hikes involves a visit to Wingate Lake (dry), which is an area that I have been targeting for a couple of years now.  The other hike will be kept under wraps until I carry it out.  Planning also continues to choose 3-4 great family hiking destinations.  Those hikes will probably end up incorporating a couple of new areas which will hopefully be as interesting as The Crack was on the last trip.  I’m attaching a satellite image of Wingate Lake to this post so you can get a preview of this place which appears to be just as interesting as both Lost Lake and Owl Lake.

I will next check in live from Crete in a few weeks where I plan to carry out 7 days of hiking.  I will try to report in on each day of hiking from Crete and then write full reports later.  The hikes which I plan to carry out during our visit to Crete include:

  • Mount Ida (Psiloritis)
  • Sarakina Gorge
  • Kritsa Gorge
  • Samaria Gorge
  • Imbros Gorge
  • Agia Irini Gorge
  • Aradena Gorge
Wingate Dry Lake (Fall 2014 Death Valley hiking destination)