“The Crack” Hiking Report Released & New Format

I finished up the first of my seven new reports. Starting with this report, I am using a new format for my trip reports with a few adjustments. The adjustments include having a brief overview section before I talk about my own hike. The overview section will have button links to maps (rather than including them on my actual report pages), information about challenges on the route, and GPS coordinates where appropriate to help hikers. I’m also moving the bulk of a report’s pictures into a secondary page to conserve bandwidth and allow for shorter load times of main report pages. Over the spring and summer, I plan to go back through all my reports and update them with this new style.  As the reports are updated with the new format there will be a circular green update icon placed next to them on the main page of the site.  My new report on The Crack is currently listed as #129 on the main page of the site and you can also read it by clicking here.