Taveuni (Fiji) new South Pacific report released

I finally finished up the first of two hiking and snorkeling reports from our trip to Fiji one year ago. This report covers the island of Taveuni (Fiji’s 3rd largest island) where we did 3 major hikes and several minor hikes, along with snorkeling the Rainbow Reef. I hope you enjoy the report and included 120 photos. The second report will be coming soon. We obviously will not be traveling to the South Pacific this year. To view the new report, click below or visit the Introduction Page on the site and look under the South Pacific > Fiji section.

Taveuni, Fiji new hiking report

Wainibau Falls on Taveuni is one of the most beautiful spots in the South Pacific

Death Valley’s Natural Bridges page updates

My family and I recently traveled to Mammoth Lakes and Great Basin National Park for a short vacation.  You can see video highlights of some of the hikes that we did on my YouTube channel.  I plan to return to Death Valley for my first hikes of the Fall season in about one month.  This will be a trip to complete some day hikes in Eureka Valley and other places within the park.  Later in the year, I plan to return to carry out an exclusive 3-day backpacking trip in the Last Chance Range which I have been planning for several years now.  So you can expect some brand new written Death Valley hiking reports to be coming along in the near future.

On another note, I recently finished updating my Death Valley Natural Bridges database page.  As part of this update, a link is shared to read a recent 5-page magazine article that I wrote for the Natural Arch and Bridge Society’s summer 2020 edition of SPAN magazine.  To learn more, check out that page on the site (the page can be reached by way of the Main Page’s 5th menu box).