Minor site updates

Hi everyone.  Just a brief update that I made a few minor site updates.  I still have my brand new Darwin Falls report hopefully coming out this summer.  But I haven’t had time to finish that up so far.  For the minor updates, I added to the Wildlife Page a brief notation that Pronghorns were spotted in Death Valley in 2019, as well as two small pictures of a Clay-colored sparrow and a Rock wren (which were both spotted during my Coyote BM hike).  To the Introduction Page, I added a new picture of my son Stefan at Mushroom Rock.  One suggestion which came to mind was that perhaps the NPS could move Mushroom Rock to the Furnace Creek Visitor Center.  Mushroom Rock is a totally forgotten rock formation that was very highly regarded in past times.  At its current location, it is just a relic of a time gone by and nobody even knows about it.  By moving Mushroom Rock to the FCVC (either outside or inside), an interpretive sign next to it could tell park visitors about its past history of being a regular park tourist stop along with pictures showing how it used to look (larger and more majestic).  This would showcase park history that has been forgotten and also educate visitors on the damage that can be caused by those who are careless and who vandalize.  UPDATE: However, it was pointed out to me that the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe claims the rock as being special to them.  Thus, it seems that such a move would not be possible.  Finally, I added a few comments to my Upper Rainbow Canyon report in view of the recent plane crash tragedy which took place in the area.