Kuannit, Disko Island (Greenland) report released

Today I am releasing my second of three reports from Greenland.  This new report features Disko Island, particularly the interesting area of Kuannit that is found there.  I’m sure that everyone who is interested in geology will enjoy checking it out.  Greenland was such an incredible place with great diversity in landscapes.  As a side note, I was hoping to return to the Arctic this summer to visit Svalbard and then in the summer of 2020 backpack the 62-mile one-way route of Akshayuk Pass on Baffin Island in Canada.  However, due to circumstances, I’m going to just focus on achieving the Baffin Island backpack next summer to see Mount Thor and Mount Asgard.  Also, for those wondering about Death Valley, I have not yet been able to return there this hiking season.  I am hoping to do so soon, as I have a number of hikes fully planned out and ready to go.  To check out our second Greenland report, check out report #13 on the Introduction Page under the Europe and Greenland heading.  Or you can click on the link below.

Kuannit, Disko Island (Greenland) hiking report

Kuannit on Disko Island has many waterfalls which plunge into the sea