Rano Kau Trail (Easter Island) hiking report released

Before I publish my other two Greenland hiking reports, I needed to go back and finish up my three Easter Island reports from our Jan 2018 trip.  Here is the first of the three overdue reports.  You might recall that I earlier published a report for the Maunga Terevaka Trail (highest point on Easter Island) about 8 months ago.  This next report covers the Rano Kau Trail, which we did as a family hike while on Easter Island.  I’ve also included some bonus photos taken of the motus adjacent Orongo and also some pretty sunsets that we enjoyed at Tahai.  To see the new report, check out report #19 under the South Pacific section on the Introduction Page.  Or you can click on the link below.

Rano Kau Trail (Easter Island) new hiking report

Stefan enjoying his hike above Rano Kau Crater