Temehani Plateau (French Polynesia) report released

Today we are releasing a very special report from our recent trip to French Polynesia.  This documents a hike to the Temehani Plateau on the island of Raiatea.  As noted in the report, this is actually my personal favorite of the 22 major hikes I have done in the South Pacific so far.  The main feature of this hike was searching for the Tiare Apetahi, one of the world’s rarest flowers, high on the mountain.  But there was so much more to see and experience.  The new report can be found under the South Pacific section on the Introduction Page or you can click on the link below.

Temehani Plateau (F. Polynesia) new report

Tahaa Traverse (French Polynesia) report released

This evening, we are releasing the first of our new reports from our recent trip to the South Pacific.  This first report fully documents the Tahaa Traverse, which is an outstanding hike from Patio to Haamene which crosses half the island.  It is a hike that features abundant wildflowers, tropical plants, fruit trees, mountain peaks, and panoramic views.  Our report is the first to ever fully document this hike in great detail.  Hopefully it will be helpful to future visitors to the beautiful island of Tahaa.  The new report can be found under the South Pacific section of the Introduction Page or by clicking on the link below.

Tahaa Traverse (F. Polynesia) new report

Peak 6980 (new Death Valley report) released

We are now releasing our brand new report documenting a hike up to the summit of Peak 6980 in the Last Chance Range.  Many are probably wondering what is so special about an obscure peak that most people have never heard of.  Peak 6980 is actually quite an amazing place as it features perhaps the best views of the Eureka Sand Dunes in the entire park.  In addition, there are outstanding views of other major peaks, Ubehebe Crater, and even the Sierras.  This report continues where our report for Skookum Mine left off.  To view the new report, click on the link below or go to report #55 on the site’s Main Page.  The route we created actually was so good that I’m considering adding it to my Backpacking Trip Options on the site’s DV Hiking Recommendations Page.

Peak 6980 (new DV report)

Skookum Mine (new Death Valley report) released

Today we are releasing our newest Death Valley hiking report featuring Day 1 of a backpacking trip to Skookum Mine and mining camp.  Skookum experienced a flurry of activity when gold was struck in 1927 and we found it to be an enjoyable place to visit with great scenery on the way up.  The new report on Skookum Mine can currently be found as report #54 on the site’s Main Page or you can also click on the link below.  The follow-up report for Day 2, which features a visit to Peak 6980 in the Last Chance Range, will be coming soon.

Skookum Mine (new DV report)