Mummy Canyon (DV report) updated

A quick note that we recently updated our Mummy Canyon report.  Mummy Canyon is located in the Funeral Mountains and is currently listed as destination #136 on the Main Page.  The updates include 18 new photographs taken during an attempted hike into upper Mummy Canyon about one year ago.  I’m sure you will enjoy seeing the spectacular photos taken from the canyon rim high above the wash.

Ofu Beach & Lagoon (American Samoa) report released

This evening, we are releasing the 1st of 5 hiking reports from our trip to American Samoa.  This first report introduces everyone to the isolated and very beautiful island of Ofu.  It features a 2-mile beach walk with many outstanding views and an exclusive look underwater at the Ofu Lagoon with around 50 tropical fish and sea creatures identified and discussed.  I’m sure you will enjoy this report and the next two reports to come will share the two major hikes on Ofu-Olosega.  The new report can be found as report #12 under the South Pacific section of the Introduction Page.  Or you can just click on the link below.

Ofu Beach & Lagoon (American Samoa) report

Sonoma Wildfires Statement

Many long-time visitors to the site know that we live in Sonoma, California.  As you are likely aware, during the past week we experienced one of the worst wildfire disasters in state history.  During this time, my family was under advisory evacuation, with mandatory evacuations taking place just a few blocks away.  We wisely evacuated to stay with family members in nearby Terra Linda.  The smoke was so thick in and around our house that we had trouble breathing, and the fumes were very unhealthy.  Our house was at the highest risk on Wednesday evening, as a fire was burning nearby on the hills above where we lived.  High winds were forecast for the evening and we had a Red Flag warning.  Fortunately, the winds shifted direction during the night and the fire blew away from our house rather than towards it.  Thus, our home was spared.  But several of our friends lost their homes during these fires.  After one week, the advisory evacuation has now been lifted and we were able to return home.  So just letting everyone know we are home safe, grateful we have a home to return to.

I hope to see you all in Death Valley in November.

A picture I took of the wildfires burning on the hills not far from our house

Site Maintenance Updates

Just a brief note that all of the slideshows have been updated with the latest software updates.  It’s a bit of a tedious process that has to be done once every 1-2 years to make sure that the slideshows run smoothly on all operating systems and formats (computers, tablets, cell phones, etc.)  But that has now been completed and there should not be any major glitches when running slideshows.

Iceland – Fimmvorduhals Trail backpacking report

Today I am finally releasing the second and final report documenting our Iceland backpacking trip (link below). This covers days 4 and 5 while hiking the Fimmvorduhals Trail (which is an extension of the Laugavegur Trail). You will see a wide variety of scenery showcased within this report including a section of trail which is known as Waterfall Way because there are so many major waterfalls. It was a truly incredible experience that Josh and I hope to follow up on by backing the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland next summer.  To read the final Iceland report, click on the link below or go to the Introduction Page of the site and look for the link posted under the Europe section.

Fimmvorduhals Trail (Iceland) backpacking report

Pothole Canyon new DV report

The final new report from our February 2017 trip to Death Valley has now been published.  This one fully documents a hike into Upper Pothole Canyon.  I apologize for the long delay in publishing these reports.  It doesn’t usually take me 7 months to release all of them, but I did a bit of additional traveling this year.  Now that the final new DV report has been published, I can turn my attention to doing some site updates and also finishing up some reports from Non-DV destinations such as Iceland and American Samoa.  In addition, we will be returning to Death Valley in late November.  So trip planning is underway for that.  The new report on Pothole Canyon can be viewed as report #72 (currently) on the Main Page, or by clicking on the link below.  Pothole Canyon was an outstanding hike that surpassed expectations.

Pothole Canyon new DV report