DV Feb 2017 Hike 1: Borax BM & Corkscrew Canyon

My sister Tiffany and I just returned from several days of hiking in Death Valley this past weekend.  Tiffany had not been to the park in 5 years as she now lives in New Zealand.  We had a great time and carried out some wonderful hikes.  Because I will not be able to get to the full reports right away, I’m going to share some teaser images and basic overviews of the hikes here on the blog.

For our first hike, we did Borax BM.  There are a variety of routes which hikers have used to reach Borax BM, but we tried to use the most efficient.  Upon reaching the ridgeline, there were outstanding views all around including of Telescope Peak and Pyramid Peak.  Beyond Borax BM, we followed the ridge all the way until it terminated at 20-foot impassable cliffs.  Near there, we saw what looked like a previously unknown route from the ridge down into Corkscrew Canyon.  Not being ones to back down from a challenge, we went ahead and attempted it.  The initial slope was incredibly steep, but the soft terrain allowed us to continue down.  We then got through 2 medium difficulty dry falls and made it all the way through the canyon.  It was quite an experience and will make for an interesting report later.

Tiffany on the summit of Borax BM
Telescope Peak as seen from Borax BM (with a powerful zoom)
As we continued along the ridgeline, we had nice views of the legendary blue mountain
This was the slope we found dropping from the ridge into Corkscrew Canyon
Tiffany heading down spectacular upper Corkscrew Canyon