Sliding Sands Trail (Haleakala National Park – Maui, HI) report released

I am happy to report that I was finally able to finish up and publish my long-awaited report for the Sliding Sands Trail and Halemauu Trail loop in Haleakala National Park.  This was quite an amazing hike and is widely regarded as one of the best hikes on Maui.  The new report can be found on the Introduction Page under the Hawaii section.  As a side note, this year may end up being the first time in the last four years that we do not travel to Hawaii for a family vacation.  Currently, I am hoping to return to the South Pacific later this year to carry out some additional hiking and sightseeing.  I also plan to spend a small amount of time in Death Valley in the coming months.  The new Sliding Sands report was the final backlogged report that needed to be released.  So with that, I am going to take a break from the site for the next couple of months.  I hope to return in the Spring with several brand new Death Valley reports.  You can find a quick link to view the new report below.

Sliding Sands Trail (Haleakala National Park) hiking report

Three Pines Pass (French Polynesia) final hiking report released

Our seventh and final hiking report from French Polynesia has now been published.  This final report covers a hike to Three Pines Pass on the island of Moorea.  While not quite as nice as Three Coconuts Pass, this hike still delivered some interesting scenery and outstanding views.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  To see this final report from our trip, click on the link below or use the main link found over on the Introduction Page.

Three Pines Pass (Moorea) hiking report

Three Coconuts Pass (French Polynesia) hiking report released

This evening, we are releasing the next report from our French Polynesia trip last September.  This is the sixth of seven total reports that we are publishing from that trip.  For these last two reports, we are moving on to the island of Moorea for two hikes.  The first Moorea report covers a hike to Three Coconuts Pass and focuses especially on the beautiful island trees.  But at the end of the hike, you will also enjoy seeing some outstanding views.  To see the new report from Moorea, click on the link below or use the main link on the Introduction Page of the site.

Three Coconuts Pass (Moorea) hiking report

The Cauldron DV report released

Our final report from our November 2016 trip has now been released.  It covers an area that we call The Cauldron.  The Cauldron is the circular area of badlands located in between the mouth of Fall Canyon and the mouth of Palmer Canyon.  There is quite a lot to see here, as you will find out within the report.  The new report is currently listed as #108 on the Main Page and you can also view it by clicking on the link below.  We will see you in the Spring for more new Death Valley hiking.

The Cauldron new DV hiking report

Funeral Slot MSC DV report released

By now, most all Death Valley regulars are familiar with and have visited Funeral Slot Canyon.  If you’d like to see a little bit more of the general area then be sure to check out our brand new report on Funeral Slot Main Side Canyon.  Funeral Slot MSC features Crown Bridge and Oriel Tunnel as highlights, but there is more to see as well.  The report is currently listed as #131 on the Main Page and you can also click on the link below.

Funeral Slot Main Side Canyon new DV hiking report