Lee Wash DV report released

Our second brand new Death Valley hiking report of the season is being released this evening.  This new report documents a 16-mile one-way hike of Lee Wash, starting from Saline Valley Road and ending at Big Four Mine Road.  This was such a great canyon with tremendous scenic beauty.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy the report.  The report is currently listed as #95 on the Main Page and you can also view it by clicking on the link below.

Lee Wash new DV hiking report

Sidewinder Ultimate report released

This evening, I am releasing the first of 4 brand new reports being published from our November 2016 trip to Death Valley.  This first report is called Sidewinder Ultimate.  And it truly is the ultimate showcase of never-before documented portions of Sidewinder Canyon.  This report includes the discovery of Cavern Bridge.  Learn the details of the planning and actual hike which led to making the discovery of Death Valley’s 17th major natural bridge.  Three more reports will be coming in the near future.  To read the new report, click on the link below or follow the link at #147 (currently) on the site’s Main Page.

Sidewinder Ultimate new DV report

DV Natural Bridges database page updates

Having just wrapped up four days of hiking in Death Valley National Park, I have returned home and begun sorting through my photographs and considering potential new hiking reports.  The new DV hiking reports will take a while to put together and I may not work on them until after I have completed my last two French Polynesia hiking reports.  So don’t look for them anytime soon.  In the meantime, I went ahead and fully updated the Death Valley Natural Bridges database page.  While not being official, this database is the closest thing that Death Valley has to an official database on the major natural bridges.  Updates to the database page include the additions of Turret Bridge and Crown Bridge (previously discovered by Kauri in 2014, but only now visited and confirmed by myself).  Also, my newest discovery of Cavern Bridge has been added to the database as #17.  Finally, toward the bottom of the page you will see some new photographs of Oriel Tunnel, an unusual natural formation that Kauri and I discovered and are now documenting fully.  In the near future, I will publish four brand new trip reports – Cavern Bridge Slot, Lee Wash, The Cauldron & Turret Bridge, and Crown Bridge & Oriel Tunnel.  Until then, be sure to check out the DV Natural Bridges database page linked to below and also on the main page in the top left box.

Death Valley Natural Bridges database page