Kalaupapa Trail (Molokai, Hawaii) new report released

Back on April 30, my friend Charlie and I hiked the stunning Kalaupapa Trail in Molokai, Hawaii.  The scenery was quite spectacular from beginning to end.  I have just finished, edited, and published the brand new report which documents this hike.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it and it might just inspire you to take a trip to Molokai someday.  The new report can be found on the Introduction Page and also by clicking on the link below.

Kalaupapa Trail (Molokai, Hawaii)

Owl BM new DV report released

The fifth and final brand new report from my Superbloom trip to Death Valley in late February featured a hike to the summit of Owl BM, the high point of the Owlshead Mountains.  I truly enjoyed this entire hike and almost consider it a must-do because it was so outstanding.  It is a short hike (about 4 hours RT including time for photography) that is well worth the time and effort that it takes to drive out deep into the Owlsheads.  The Owl BM report is currently listed as report #199 on the site’s main page.  You can also view it by clicking on the link below.

Owl BM new hiking report