Slideshows within DV trip reports

I’ve been continuing to slowly work my way through updating the various Death Valley hiking reports.  Too see a full list of continuing updates, check the previous blog post as I’m listing the updates as they are made on there.  But I just wanted to post a note that all 117 of the current slideshows found within the reports have been updated with the latest software.  These updates take about 1 1/2 minutes per report, so it does take some time.  The slideshow software needs to be updated once or twice per year because cell phones and tablets have regular updates for their operating systems and that can cause the slideshows not to fully work on those formats.  For instance, after the latest iOS update, captions disappeared from the slideshows when viewed on iPads.  Now that I have updated all of the slideshows, it has taken care of that problem.  All the slideshows are fully functioning with no issues.  Just keep in mind that if the slideshows ever aren’t working properly on your phone or tablet, simply switch over to a computer browser, because the slideshows almost always continue to work fine on those.  Or, just use the alternate Trip Report Format instead to view the full collection of photos.  Personally, I prefer using the Slideshow Format on both my iPad and desktop, but I know some people prefer the other format.  That’s why I provide both options.