Site Updates Underway

I received an e-mail recently from a site visitor who asked if I was still doing site updates.  The answer is – definitely.  These days my free time is more limited as I continue to work full time and we have a young toddler in the house who keeps us very busy.  But work slows down just enough every now and then to let me spend some time on the site.  Recently, I have completed converting many of the newer reports over to the new widescreen format which fits better on computer screens.  The newer format, as you probably already know, allows for viewing full sets of photos either as a slideshow or scroll-down format.  Currently 76 of our 189 available reports use this newer format.  We are now focusing on converting at least 25 more of the reports over within the next few months.  Also, 23 of our 44 available non-DV reports use the newer format.  In addition, we will be releasing 2 brand new non-DV reports in the coming months (for Yosemite’s Diving Board and Big Island’s Napau Trail).  You might be surprised to know that some of our non-DV reports are among the most heavily visited on the site.  The newer reports are also much more helpful as they contain GPS coordinates (in the format that I use on my hikes), an introductory overview paragraph which discusses hike challenges, and three large sample photographs.  Below, you can find a list of our most recently updated and converted reports.  As I update these reports, I am also updating the information contained within them.  To make sure you are looking at a fully updated report, be sure and click refresh on your browser if you have previously loaded that particular report page.

  • Moonlight Canyon, Upper Moonlight Canyon, and Dry Bone Canyon (7/9), Hyperion Redwood Page (major overhaul 7/12), Grave Canyon (7/13), Upper Big Fall Canyon and Lower Big Fall Canyon (7/14), Hidden Bridge Canyon (7/15), Mosaic Canyon (7/16), Rockfall Canyon (7/17), Upper Hidden Bridge Canyon and Indian Pass Canyon (7/18), Upper Rainbow Canyon (7/19), Lower Rainbow Canyon (7/22), Mill Canyon, Spectrum Canyon, and Dry Cascades Canyon (7/23), Upper Mosaic Canyon and Nova Canyon (7/24), and Little Bridge Canyon (7/27).
Upper Rainbow Canyon -- a classic hiking report updated and improved
Upper Rainbow Canyon: a classic hiking report updated and improved